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All health records for Dr. Gupta's established patients have been transferred to Advanced Endocrinology, LLC.

Patient Portal is now fully functional with Healow Pre-registration, Check-ins, Televisits, Healow Pay and more!

Login to Healow App via Code JJDEDD.  Please use mobile phone option to Login and follow instructions. New credentials from the Office are not required for Login.​

Our phone lines accept SMS text format. Please text us for simpler inquiries @ 301 297 3330.


Hormones are like tiny chemicals that act as messengers, traveling through our bodies. They are produced by glands like the thyroid, islet cells of the pancreas, ovaries/testes, adrenal, and pituitary glands. They play a crucial role in maintaining various bodily functions, ensuring that processes like growth, metabolism, and reproduction occur smoothly and efficiently.


Homeostasis means our body's way of keeping everything balanced and stable, even when things in the environment change. Hormones help with this with complex feedback loops that ensure that important things like sugar levels in our blood or the amount of water and sodium or calcium in our body stay just right.

New Patients - Pre Register and Make Appointment using the Patient Portal
All Patients - Join Televisit on the Patient Portal
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